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Private Pet Cremation. Cremain Ashes box

Private Pet cremation

This service is available for pet owners who wish to have the ashes (cremains) of their pet. Your pet is cremated alone.

Private pet cremains ashes box

You have the option of keeping your pet's remains in a special container, scattering your pet's ashes in a meaningful location or burying your pet's ashes on a memorable site.

We provide you with a decorative wooden box. It is usually large enough to allow for a pet's collar or other keepsake item. If you wish to keep your pet's ashes in a different container, you are welcome to visit our cremation urns, boxes and keepsakes store.

A Cremation Certificate, bearing the pet's name, the owner's name, cremation ID number and date of cremation will be issued and mailed to you separately. Please allow approximately 4-8 weeks after your pet's cremation for shipping.

Cremains are odorless, sterile and weigh only a fraction of the pet's original weight. (An average size dog is around 1 to 2 pounds) Through heat, evaporation and processing the remains are reduced to basic elements resembling coarse sand that are whitish to dark gray in color. They can be stored indefinitely.

Pet cremation

A special cremation identification number is issued to your pet to verify authenticity of the service. A cremation certificate will be issued bearing the pet's name, owners name, cremation ID number and date of cremation.

As a pet owner you can be present during a private cremation. The process from cremation chamber to processor takes approximately four to six hours. We have a private waiting room for those who wish this option. You are welcome to view the entire operation from a view window in the waiting room. Others may choose to return to pick up their pet's cremains or have them sent or delivered. Our staff will notify you as soon as the cremation process is complete.

Viewing of the crematory is closed during a private cremation. It is our policy that this time is available only to the pet's family whether they are present or not. This policy is for the comfort and privacy of the family and the animal being cremated.

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